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WaterTwinkle™ Toddler Swimming Classes in Singapore

(Pre-Swimming program for babies (6-36 months) and parents)

Our WaterTwinkle™ toddler swimming classes are specially designed for toddlers (6-36 months old) in Singapore. Our WaterTwinkle™ baby swimming lessons in Singapore cover:

  • Different ways to hold your baby in water
  • Moving with your baby in water
  • Breath control
  • Immersion activities
  • Floatation activities

Immerse baby and yourself into a time of water play and bonding with our WaterTwinkle™ baby swimming lessons in Singapore!

Introduce your baby to water in a fun, gentle and natural way to build water confidence. During our swimming lessons, you will learn safe ways to hold and move your baby in the water. In addition, our program comprise of fun water play activities that promote and stimulate all-round baby development. Great for parent-toddler bonding in the sunny Singapore weather!

We also have an in-house photographer who will capture these wonderful moments of your little one’s first swim ever!

Stages and Progression for WaterTwinkle™

  • Our toddler swimming classes in Singapore provide opportunities for parents and their babies to bond. Participants would be able enhance parent-child bonds and communication which will lay a strong foundation to your child’s functional and emotional development.
  • Our baby swimming lessons in Singapore reinforce a child’s natural ‘Amphibian’ Reflexes which will improve his hand-leg coordination in water.
  • WaterTwinkle™ promotes muscular development & cardio-respiratory functions
  • Our activities contribute to cognitive as well as vestibular development of baby.
  • The swimming lessons will enhance overall neurological development – water offers babies a heightened multi-sensory experience involving touch, hearing, sight and to some extent taste and smell.
  • Finally, the WaterTwinkle™ program in Singapore lay a good foundation for water confidence and pre-swimming skills.

Stages and Progression for WaterTwinkle™

WaterTwinkle™ Stage I

• Water confidence building
• Acclimatize baby to water & pool
• Water movement & orientation
• Breath control
• Partial immersion & submersion
(duration completion: 1 term)

WaterTwinkle™ Stage II

• Water confidence building
• Full immersion
• Full submersion
• Assisted gliding in water with face
immersed in water
• Assisted paddling with face
immersed in water
• Floatation with assistance
• Assisted humpty dumpty fall
(duration completion: 1 to 2 terms)

WaterTwinkle™ Stage III

• Safety entry and exit
• Independent floatation (both front &
back position) for at least 5 seconds
• String push & glide
• Independent paddling for 1 meter
• Confidence jump and paddling back to deck safely (duration completion: 1 to 3 terms)


Important notes:

Duration for completion of each stage may vary from learner to learner. Therefore, we encourage parents allow their toddlers to adjust at their own pace during our WaterTwinkle™ Baby Swimming Classes. Our friendly coaches in Singapore will provide timely feedback and suitable advice on each learner’s progression.

Each learner’s progress may vary according to individual’s abilities, exposure & disposition to water skills learning. In the first couple of lessons, we will assess learners and group learners based on their abilities. As they progress, we will monitor their progress make changes if necessary. This is done to ensure learners at a most suitable and group environment.

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