Kampong Little Swimmers Promo!

4 for a price of 3!

Sign up with minimum of 4 pax (U.P. $440) & enjoy the price of 3 ($330) per month in your condominium.

Tell your neighbours about this great deal and hurry to sign up! Limited time offer!

Terms & Conditions
– Promotion price is valid for the first 2 months only.
– Promotion price of $330 will be divided among the 4 participants.
– All the participants must be in the same swim class.

Enrol now at Waterfun Aquatic Centre (WAC) for Swimming Lessons in Singapore!

Waterfun Aquatic Centre provides more than just swim lessons for children in Singapore. Our swim academy imparts useful and practical life-saving skills. Waterfun Aquatic Centre is a place where all children will grow to love water. Where your child will learn to swim in a fun, safe and progressive manner, from our sincere, young-at-heart and dedicated swimming coaches during our swimming lessons in Singapore.

Why Choose our Swimming Lessons in Singapore?

We offer professional swim lessons for International Certification Swim programs for children in Singapore (5 years & above). Learn about what makes us the top swim academy in the country by reading on.

Firstly, our experienced & qualified coaches are certified by International Swim Teaching Certifications from Swimming Teachers’ Association (UK). They have been adequately trained to teach children to swim.

Secondly, our swimming lessons in Singapore are well-structured with clear learning outcomes. Our coaches will ensure each student gets the attention and training he needs.

Thirdly, our swimming lessons adopt “Structured Play” & “Learn thru’ Games” approaches. Our swim lessons in Singapore and anything BUT boring. Your child will look forward to his swimming lessons in Singapore!

Fourth, our swim lessons in Singapore are conducted in small groups so that ample attention is given to each student.

Fifth, we use age-appropriate teaching methods to help our students realize their full potential and we incorporate our understanding of early childhood development into our swim lessons.

Best of all, we use consistent teaching standards – all our swim teachers are recruited and trained directly by WAC and certified tutors (UK).

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Asthmatic & Special Needs™



 Why Waterfun Aquatic Centre?

Renowned International Certification Swim
programs for children (5yrs & above)

Experienced & Qualified coaches with International
Swim Coaching Certifications from Swimming
Teachers’ Association (UK)

Well structured swimming lessons with clear
learning outcomes

Adopts “Structured play” & “Learn thru’ games”

Learner-centred & small group teaching

Use of Developmentally & Age-appropriate
teaching methods during swim lessons

Incorporates an understanding of early childhood
development into teaching swimming

Consistent teaching standards – all coaches in Singapore
recruited and trained directly by WAC to conduct
our swim program