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II. Please select one of the awards

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III. Mode of Payment

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IV. Assessment Policy

Your child is fit to take the mentioned assessment on the date and time stated

To cancel or postpone or reschedule the assessments, kindly inform Waterfun or its coaches 3 working days before the assessment date. Failing to do so may result the assessment fees to be forfeited

Waterfun and its coaches have the right to reschedule the assessment date and time if your child is deemed unfit or ready for assessment on the actual day

The assessment fee is $35 for each assessment and must be paid 3 days prior to the assessment date

Fees paid are not refundable and non-transferable

V. Parent’s / Guardian’s Consent


I had filled up all the required information and is correct at the point when I filled up this form. I agreed to allow my child, name stated in this form to take part in the assessment and hereby release and forever discharge WATERFUN, it’s coaches & examiners from all liabilities and claims, loss or damage whatsoever in respect of my child’s injury, disability or any loss or damage which may arise in connection with the assessments or the child participation therein

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