WAC Squad™

WAC Squad™

This is a platform for our Intermediate & Advance swimmers from ProSwim™ program to develop their swim skills further. In these weekly sessions, swimmers will be given additional training to build their stroke effectiveness in all areas e.g. cardio-muscular strengthening, flexibility and agility. Swimmers will also be introduced to the fundamentals of competitive swimming and be given relevant exposures and opportunities to represent Waterfun in friendly swim meets.

Elementary Squad
In this squad, competent swimmers build a stronger foundation for all competitive strokes, including turns and starts. This is a preparatory phase for them to meet the basic expectations and requirements of more advanced levels of competitive training. Training is twice a week for this group of swimmers.

Junior Squad
Conditioning their bodies to meet the Master Squad’s high training standard, the Junior Squad’s training focuses on building better endurance, stamina and speed. Junior Squad trains 3 times a week.

Master Squad
Having built a strong foundation in all competitive strokes and acquired good knowledge of competitive swimming skills, the Master Squad will be completing in galas and races at national level. Master Squad trains 3-4 times a week.

Important notes:

  • Duration for completion of each stage may vary for different learners. We encourage parents not to hurry the pace of learning and allow learners to learn at their own pace. Our coach will provide feedback and suitable advice on each learner’s progression every term.
  • Learner’s progress may vary according to individual’s abilities, exposure & disposition to water skills learning. In the first couple of lessons, we will assess learners and do our best to group learners according to their abilities. As they progress, we will continue to monitor their progress and make changes to groupings if necessary. This is done to ensure learners at a most suitable and group environment.

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