Swimming for Asthmatics & Special needs

Swimming is a good exercise because it improves & strengthens the heart & lungs, aids blood circulation, improves joints and body flexibility. Mentally, swimming also relaxes the mind, timproves concentration & focus, and cultivates determination and endurance. Hence, it is a very suitable exercise for people with asthma, special learning needs, as well as those with knee & joint problems.

In these specialised programs (often individual or small group of 2-3), our coaches give personal attention to learners’ objectives as well as their learning abilities and personalise the swim coaching programs accordingly. With our personal coaching programs, learners can learn at a more suitable & customized pace and reap the benefits of swimming to the fullest!



Important notes:

Duration for completion of each stage may vary for different learners. We encourage parents not to hurry the pace of learning and allow learners to learn at their own pace. Our coach will provide feedback and suitable advice on each learner’s progression every term.

Learner’s progress may vary according to individual’s abilities, exposure & disposition to water skills learning. In the first couple of lessons, we will assess learners and do our best to group learners according to their abilities. As they progress, we will continue to monitor their progress and make changes to groupings if necessary. This is done to ensure learners at a most suitable and group environment.

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