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WaterExplorer™ Children Swimming Classes

(Pre-Swimming program for children (3-6 years))

Waterfun Aquatic Centre’s WaterExplorer™ Children Swimming Classes in Singapore are a great way to introduce for your little tots to water! The WaterExplorer™ Children Swimming Lessons are our very own waterplay-and-learn program that encourages little ones to explore water in a supervised setting and learn the essential pre-swimming and drownproofing skills e.g. bubbling, floating, immersion and paddling, as well as water safety. A unique and one-of-a-kind type of program, all our WaterExplorer™ Coaches are internationally qualified and specially trained in-house to conduct these special swimming lessons for children.

The WaterExplorer™ Children Swimming Classes consist of 3 main stages. The chart below breaks down the lists of water skills that are learned at each stage. While each learner’s progression is unique, we strive to ensure smooth progression through the stages.

WaterExplorer Stage I – Sea Horse

• Water confidence building
• Water movement & orientation
• Breath control skills
• Partial immersion & submersion
• Assisted entry into water
(duration for completion: usually half
to 1 term)

WaterExplorer Stage II – Star Fish

• Water confidence building
• Voluntary immersion
• Assisted gliding in water
• Assisted paddling action
• Floating with assistance
• Assisted entry into water
(duration for completion: 1-2 terms)

WaterExplorer Stage III – Mud Skipper

• Rhythmic bobbing in &
out of water
• Independent floating
• Push & glide
• Simplified freestyle
• Confident entry
and swim back to safety
(duration for completion: 1-2 terms)

“For a young child, play is important work. I can see that the WaterExplorer™ program engages the child in purposeful play so that she learns without realising she is learning. That is great for young children.”

– from a parent of a WaterExplorer™ student.

Important notes:

  • Since each learner’s progression is different, we urge parents to accommodate to their child’s pace of growth. Feel free to approach our friendly coaches for feedback or tips to improve your child’s progress.
  • We conduct close monitoring to assess each learner’s progress and will adjust the learner’s grouping based on his development to ensure all our students realize their full potential.

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